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Feliciano (Chano) Acevedo
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Forensics Rocks, LLC has a total of 33 years of law enforcement with 20 years of forensic investigation service.

forensic Services

We provide expert witnessing.  Cell phone investigation with data recovery.  Advanced video forensic investigation.

About us

This company provides services to law enforcement agencies and corporations.   We have proven success in investigating major cases.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensic services provide the ability to reveal the exact actions taken by a computer user.  We’ll recover documents, photos, and deleted items. Additionally, we analyze the user surfing patterns and activities. With our findings, you’ll have the facts to get a better insight into an investigation.

Expert Witness Testimony

We are experienced in filing affidavits, submitting expert reports, and working with opposing counsel as well as testifying at trials.  We’re well versed in the law and will provide the reports to support your case.

Video Forensic Investigation

We provide advanced video examination with state of the art software to enhance footage to get answers.  As a forensic video expert, we use many techniques and tools for the best results.


Forensic Rocks is certified in a variety of services to get the evidence you need.  Our investigative techniques come from 33 years total  police experience.  We utilize N.I.S.T. certified tools for video and cyber forensics.


“Forensic Rocks!!! I recommend this company when your business is in trouble.  When you’re dealing with security difficulties, Forensic Rocks is more than capable of handling your concerns.  I suggest that you give them a call.”

Diana Davis

“Our company experienced a white-color crime.  We needed to uncover the paper trail that led to the theft of $50,000.  I was informed by a friend to call Forensic Rocks to assist with this problem.”

Jessica Bowen

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Forensics Rocks, LLC is trusted by many. We professionally investigate your case and provide you with the truth.