Feliciano Acevedo

Achievements and Accomodations

Feliciano Acevedo is a forensic investigator with a specialty in computer forensics and law enforcement. With a total of 33 years in law enforcement, 14 of those years in forensic investigation, he provides a wealth of knowledge within his field of expertise. Feliciano was awarded a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from St. Edward Universality and a certificate from Southwest Texas Law Enforcement Academy as well as a host of continuing education certifications in his career path.

Mr. Acevedo has developed expertise in law enforcement working as a patrol officer and detective. As a patrol officer, he engaged in criminal investigation, crime prevention, gang activity, family violence, fraud and forgery investigative cases. As a law enforcement officer, he also worked with a variety of case types, facilities, departments, and cities, making him an expert in this field.

Feliciano’s mastery of computer forensics has been developed over a course of 14 years. While employed by several agencies, he provided accurate information and assisted in solving cases employing state-of-the-art technology. With training and experience in computer, cell phone, video, and GPS forensics, he offers expert testimony and provides clarity in his field.

Mr. Acevedo’s career is highlighted by years of training and continuing education. During this time, he has received numerous awards and accreditation, garnering the respect of his superiors and peers.

Feliciano career consists of years of training and education. During his career, he has received numerous awards and accommodations and the respect of his leading officer and fellow peers.